Our Mission

The Foundation For Pets is a private foundation started by All Dogs Poop, Inc. in 2016.  From 2009-2016,  All Dogs Poop  donated over  $21,000 to a variety of animal rescues. The mission of the Foundation is to provide grants to animal rescues to help offset a significant, non routine veterinary expense.

Quite often, a rescue will help a stray dog or cat who has been found in a deplorable situation, with an extensive and sometimes life threatening medical issue.  These selfless rescues put their organization’s financial well-being at risk in doing so.  Their first priority is to get this pet the medical attention the pet needs.  Then, they worry about how to pay for this care.

All Dogs Poop donates a percentage of their revenue to their Foundation.  In addition, we actively pursue donations from the public, which affords us the opportunity to increase the scale and the scope of the grants we can provide.  Between 2016, and 2019 we have provided over $10,000 in grants.

Our “Why”

A Tribute to Jack

In December of 2012, I saw a post on Facebook from the founder of Burlington County Animal Alliance (BCAA).  This rescue had taken in an emaciated dog found in Philadelphia.  He was given the name “Jack”.  All Dogs Poop made a donation to help with Jack’s veterinary care that was estimated to be at least $5,000, if not more.  I shared this post with a friend of mine whom I knew had a tremendous heart, in hopes she too may donate to Jack’s care. Amy Jo did more than that.  She agreed to foster Jack when he was able to be released from the hospital.  In addition, she made the drive from Voorhees, NJ to Robbinsville, NJ to visit him at the hospital.  The vets removed 12″ of his intestines.  Unfortunately, shortly after his surgery, Jack passed away.  Amy Jo and her husband adopted Jack so he would have a family name and their love for eternity.

Jack’s story, was an eye opener.  I had never really contemplated the challenges that homeless pets with significant medical issues face, as well as the financial challenges the rescues that decide to step in and help them take on.  The creation of The Foundation For Pets will allow Jack’s memory to be kept alive, and help animal rescues help more homeless pets like him.

In 2016, when The Foundation for Pets was originated, Amy Jo Kazahaya was one of the first people I contacted to be a board member and she was quick to jump on board.

Le Ann Frost
​The Foundation For Pets