2018 Donations

As a private foundation through All Dogs Poop, Inc., our foundation is predominately funded.  All Dogs Poop funds their foundation in 2 ways.

A Percentage of Revenue

A percentage of annual revenue from All Dogs Poop is donated to the foundation each year since the foundation was created in 2016.

Commissions Earned from Spreadshirt.com

All logo apparel, which is worn by our employees and also sold to the public in our shop at spreadshirt.com is donated to the Foundation.  Visit our shop at  https://shop.spreadshirt.com/alldogspoop/

In 2018, All Dogs Poop added $2,500 to the Foundation for Pets.

Board members, Le Ann Frost and Julie Woodward also donate a percentage of their sales of Life’s Abundance premium pet food, treats and whole food based pet supplements.  They have been feeding their dogs and cats Life’s Abundance (LA) since 2008.  LA has had ZERO recalls in their 19 year history, is formulated by a holistic veterinarian, and delivered to your home–typically 4-6 weeks from date of manufacture–making LA a uniquely fresh pet food alternative.

To try Life’s Abundance   (they offer a 30 day money back guarantee) visit     https://www.lifesabundance.com/thefoundationforpets

Life’s Abundance also offers organic, plant-based, vegan facial care products as well as plant-based, gluten free, vegan, non-gmo , soy free, sugar free, grain free human supplements.  

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